The science
behind extraction

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Innovation is our key to success

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The driving force behind every action is to “Do Good”.

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From edibles to oils, our products will make you feel better

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Four stage process that removes all of the impurities from the oil making it viscous enough to use in your favorite vaporizing devices


The disparity between clean oil and stuff that will kill you is rampant within the current market making us a step ahead the rest

Do Good

Our mission is to provide access to safe, quality, medicine at little or no cost to those suffering from illnesses


We have a variety of products to help you in your time of need. From edibles to oils, we can make you feel better.


Welcome to MediTiva, thank you for taking the time to visit our webpage. We are currently in the midst of rebranding our entire company in order to deliver higher-quality product to the Washington state market. Please check back often as we are constantly adding new content and information about upcoming products.

If you have found our website due to advertisements or a friend recommending you to our Pay It Forward program please follow this link to fill out our registration form, somebody should contact you within 48 hours to review your registration and see which of our Pay It Forward programs will work best for you.


I was introduced to Jason Clark through Atmos while I was out-of-town receiving radiation treatments. He has been instrumental  in helping me with providing...
Jon Betting,
After 2 yrs, I am now undergoing a 2nd round of radiation. Even though it is a different type, I have not...
Jack Robinson, Manager
I started using medicinal cannabis in March of 2012 for insomnia and pain. With the use of a vaporizer and edibles I have...
Lisa Whistler, Researcher